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About the author

I have now presented short technical articles on sound here, for some time. Who am I, what is my background, what is my intention.


About the author


I want to increase interest for sound and sound quality.
I like good sound, and want to contribute to increased awareness and focus on sound and what it adds to the experience of music and movies.

Presenting facts and informative articles is one of the ways I have chosen to contribute.

Current status of the blog

This blog presents articles with a very specialized and narrow perspective - effort, knowledge and interest in sound is required to understand and benefit from the content.

So this is for the experts, for those with a special interest for sound related technology.
That narrows the potential audience down to a small group of people.

After running this blog for two years, the audience is still very small, and that is the main reason for the rather low frequency of updates, there is not much point in writing if there are no readers.

I recommend my company web pages for more articles and information on what I am developing. 

About the author

This text is taken from the article How to set up a Home Theater Sound System on the Kvålsvoll Design company web page:

I run the Norwegian registered company Kvålsvoll Design AS.

I like to create things, I like to work on engineering challenges as well as shape and visual appearance. I also enjoy working on abstractions like systems and concepts. This forms the foundation of Kvålsvoll Design.

I am an engineer in cybernetics and electronics. I have started several companies, and I have designed, built and tested complex cybernetic systems involving advanced dynamic control algorithms.

I designed and built my first speakers around age 14, and continued exploring and building audio speakers and amplifiers as a hobby throughout the years, learning more and applying what I learned in school about electronics, system theory and mathematics.

In 2012-2013 I started designing loudspeaker systems for home entertainment. Development is based on my expertise on simulation and dynamic systems. I have also learned a lot about how we perceive sound, which is of vital importance for defining proper requirements for sound system design.

The development of audio solutions in Kvålsvoll Design has lead to several new technologies for sound reproduction, such as the Compact Horn subwoofers, controlled directivity waveguide horns, very-high-slope crossover networks.

Acknowledging the importance of set-up and calibration, a new method for subwoofer calibration has been developed, which accounts for sound-field intensity for better tactile feel. This is new, and Kvålsvoll Design is so far the only company using this method.

Thank you for reading,

Øyvind Kvålsvoll

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